The wheels on the bus ….well they’re sticking a bit.

They said it couldn’t be done! The engines just couldn’t take any more, captain! But they (who is this “They?”, Ed) were wrong. I’ve taken on board some of the comments on layout, and hopefully(!) made National ID Cards Even Easier.

Now before you rush off to read it, I want to thank the 11 people who voted in my “What shall I do next” poll. Six of you have told me that you want me to translate the snappily titled Delivering a Sustainable Transport System: Consultation on Planning for 2014 and Beyond into Real English. This is definitely going to be trickier than ID Cards, mostly because I have much stronger feelings about public transport. Mostly, the number 35 bus… gah! 

While you’re waiting with bated breath (you’d better be!), here’s the cunningly titled National ID Cards Explained:

National ID Cards explained

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2 thoughts on “The wheels on the bus ….well they’re sticking a bit.

  1. I think it's a bit rich that they're charging us 30 quid to get something that then obligates us to keep telling them about us or end up getting fined over £120. I for one won't be applying, unless it becomes compulsory – and if that happens I may end up leaving the country rather than let Big Bro have my details. 

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