Tell me the (relative) truth

Ever wondered why in news­pa­per articles about science break­throughs, and partic­u­larly in medical stor­ies, scient­ists seem to be so… well.… cagey about their results? All those ‘may’s and ‘if’s! Can’t they even tell us what’s true and what’s not? We’re used to the idea that most of the time, truth is black and white. But when […]

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New translation on animal welfare

It’s far too late, and despite my best efforts it’s still terribly wordy, but here it is, and you have two and a half days (until the 3 July 2009) to reply to it. I under­stand it’s a contro­ver­sial subject, so no rant­ing please, unless it’s construct­ive and sent directly to the consulta­tion email address! You can down­load the PDF […]

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