Thinking positive

This website is here to prove to Government (and anyone else who uses language in an over complicated way, all the while claiming they want feedback from members of the public) that speaking plainly, even about tricky subjects, isn’t just possible, but absolutely necessary. I hope this website also helps prove that you don’t have […]

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Working together to protect crowded places – a translation

More than 80 people voted in the latest translation request poll (thank you!), and most of you voted for me to translate the protecting crowded places consultation from the Home Office. This is actually two consultations in one. The first on general guidelines for how local authorities and businesses should tackle increasing their security against terrorist […]

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Please vote for your next translation!

The options are up for the next translation. They are:  21st Century SchoolsA large and comprehensive (no pun intended!) look at where the UK’s education system is going. Mayors and Indirectly Elected LeadersA consultation on making it easier to petition your councils on how you want the top jobs decided. National Flood Emergency FrameworkExtremely detailed consultation on how […]

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