Thinking positive

This website is here to prove to Government (and anyone else who uses language in an over complic­ated way, all the while claim­ing they want feed­back from members of the public) that speak­ing plainly, even about tricky subjects, isn’t just possible, but abso­lutely neces­sary. I hope this website also helps prove that you don’t have […]

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Working together to protect crowded places: part 2

The second half of this consulta­tion is a little some­thing for build­ing plan­ners, design­ers and local author­it­ies. It’s supposed to be a handy guide suggest­ing how to build secur­ity into public places, but at nearly 80 pages, “handy” does­n’t quite cut it. This one is a little less complic­ated, at 7 neat pages. Download it here if you prefer […]

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Working together to protect crowded places — a translation

More than 80 people voted in the latest trans­la­tion request poll (thank you!), and most of you voted for me to trans­late the protect­ing crowded places consulta­tion from the Home Office. This is actu­ally two consulta­tions in one. The first on general guidelines for how local author­it­ies and busi­nesses should tackle increas­ing their secur­ity against terrorist […]

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Please vote for your next translation!

The options are up for the next trans­la­tion. They are: 21st Century SchoolsA large and compre­hens­ive (no pun inten­ded!) look at where the UK’s educa­tion system is going. Mayors and Indirectly Elected LeadersA consulta­tion on making it easier to peti­tion your coun­cils on how you want the top jobs decided. National Flood Emergency FrameworkExtremely detailed consulta­tion on how […]

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