NHS England

I was commissioned (see what I did there?!) to do two infographics for the launch of the ‘new’ NHS, one on NHS Commissioning and one on how the NHS is monitored or safeguarded. While I’m not sure whether they were used, and regardless of my political feelings on the matter, understanding the changes is going to […]

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Hacking the NHS

Not the mean kind of hacking. The good kind. I’m going to go to my very first Hack Weekend in May 2012, and it’s all about hacking the NHS.  The aim of a hack day is to find quick and dirty solutions to problems that technology can fully or partially solve. They don’t have to be […]

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Explaining the NHS

Lately, I’ve been working on helping our Heart Voices team at the British Heart Foundation develop flowcharts to explain the current state of the NHS, and the changes we’re expecting under the new legislation. We’ve also outlined the health services in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We want to encourage heart patients all over the UK […]

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Short shorts: Alcohol labelling

This is the first in a new series. Consultations in 200 words or less! This is the options for improving information on the labels of alcoholic drinks to support consumers to make healthier choices in the UK from the Department of Health. Get your ideas, thoughts and evidence in for 9 May 2010, email UKalcohollabelling@​dh.​gsi.​gov.​uk. You’re not supposed to […]

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