Direct payments for Health Care (a request)

The government’s looking at giving patients the ability to spend directly on the care they need, not just being put on a waiting list or going to an NHS therapy service that’s too far away. I got an email asking if I could translate the consultation on this before I put the last poll up. They also asked if I could do the Energy one, so I put it in the poll. 

Unfortunately not enough people were interested in hearing about the government’s Energy plans, so I hope you’re looking forward to the NHS constitution paper (that will probably be my next post, but I’m going on holiday so it might be a few weeks, sorry all!).

To keep you busy in the meantime, here’s a simple version of the Department of Health’s Direct payments for Health Care. Please note this is NOT the Easy Read version the original paper promises, I don’t know where that is… :)

Remember, you need to respond by 8 January 2010 if you have strong feelings about this paper.

You can download the simple version, or if you’ve got flash you can read it here:

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One thought on “Direct payments for Health Care (a request)

  1. CorinneCongratulations on a brilliant translation of a brilliant idea — this is an open ended invitation to fraudsters to exploit the most vulnerable people. 

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