Which consultation should I simplify next?

It’s been a while, but it’s time for a new public vote! 

Tell me which of these three consultations you’d like to get to grips with, and I’ll make it into something a little easier to understand.

  • National Policy Statements for Energy Infrastructure – the government wants us to look at the way the country uses energy – how we use gas power, nuclear power and green power.
  • Reforming Asylum Support – the government wants to have another look at the way we decide who gets asylum in the UK, and who doesn’t.
  • The NHS Constitution: A consultation on new patient rights – the NHS wants to update its promises to include a fixed time for you to get specialist attention after your GP refers you, and give some people health checks for things like heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease. They also want to talk about what they could include next time around.
Whew! All of these look quite important. Happy voting!
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Corinne Pritchard

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