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Hi, I’m Corinne Pritchard. I’m an information designer and my services are available for hire. I love getting to the core of information and refiguring it so it makes sense to the reader.

I have been simplifying complicated documents and designing leaflets since 2008, and I graduated from the University of Reading with a Masters in Information Design in 2012. I have over a decade’s experience in web design and content editing.

My infographics have featured in the Daily Mail, press conferences for the British Heart Foundation, Parliamentary magazines and Department of Health publications.

I am currently based in the Netherlands.

Email: c.​pritchard@​simplyunderstand.​com

Phone: +31 6 57737985


  • Simplification – copy editing, design and podcast services for web, print and communications
  • Visualisation – video, infographics, interactive and graphic representations of processes and data
  • Design – web, interaction, user experience and print design
  • Consultancy – advice and methods for making your web, mobile, print and communications projects more effective, user-friendly and user-focused. Also available for wayshowing and wayfinding projects.
  • I am also available as a speaker on simplification, plain language and information design issues.


My rates depend on the job and are always negotiable.


“The work Corinne did for our consultation on credit cards was remarkable, creative and beautifully-presented. On a very short timescale, she turned a 100-page document into 10 crisp, readable pages bringing credit card policy to life for everyday consumers. The accompanying podcast summary she arranged was magnificent: clear, straightforward and engaging.” – October 28, 2009

“Corinne is an excellent copywriter who condensed a long-winded dry and complex consultation document into a friendly, easy to understand concise two pager which she styled beautifully. She then recorded a great podcast explaining the issues, in this case the compexities of credit card agreements. That piece of work produced fantastic results and became one of our most popular consultations ever.  Corinne also worked incredibly quickly – a serious plus when dealing with government, as was tremendously good value. Would definitely hire her again. Impressive.” – April 27, 2011


5 thoughts on “Hire me

  1. Just a quick note to say that I absolutely loved your comment on the Telegraph's article about cupcakes/bunny girls/50s fashion – very well put!

    Best wishes,


  2. Cerebra is a unique charity set up to help improve the lives of children with neurological conditions and brain injury. We are a research charity with an emphasis on information dissemination. I would like to hire you to do two infographics for us. One on claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and one on toilet training. We eventually want to do a series of these so we'd need to establish some Cerebra branding with these first two. Can you let me know how we proceed? Thank you . Tracy 

  3. Remember me? (Gambling Commission). You are doing some very interesting work on data visualisation.

    I am having to use the new census data to investigate policy implications for the city council in Birmingham. I am interested in combining some of the key messages into an engaging/challenging/thought provoking etc… Infographic that can be shared with politicians, managers, staff. I want it to resonate and bring the data and what it means to life. 

    I also interested in training one or more of my staff in creating info graphics. 

    If I wanted to commission you to do an infographic on census relating to burning policy issues in Birmingham what would be a rough cost? We could provide data and policy angles/stories to work from. 

    Look forward to hearing from you. 


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