Explaining the NHS

Lately, I’ve been working on helping our Heart Voices team at the British Heart Foundation develop flowcharts to explain the current state of the NHS, and the changes we’re expecting under the new legislation. We’ve also outlined the health services in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We want to encourage heart patients all over the UK […]

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Food for thought

The British Heart Foundation runs a yearly campaign to get children and people who look after children to think about and understand what they’re eating and how to make the conscious choice to be healthier. We ran a survey to find out more about how and what children in the UK eat and drink. One of the […]

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Plain language prescriptions

Brilliant news today that researchers from the University of Leeds have come up with a new set of instructions for prescription medicines, and a great lesson on how language moves on, too. 50 years ago ‘drowsy’ could well have been a common way of saying you feel sleepy, but who uses it now? It also says something about changing attitudes – ‘do […]

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Short shorts: Alcohol labelling

This is the first in a new series. Consultations in 200 words or less! This is the options for improving information on the labels of alcoholic drinks to support consumers to make healthier choices in the UK from the Department of Health. Get your ideas, thoughts and evidence in for 9 May 2010, email UKalcohollabelling@​dh.​gsi.​gov.​uk. You’re not supposed to […]

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