Connecting open data and plain language

I’ve been skirting the edges of the open data movement since I started this site. For those not in the know, open data is when governments and big corporations release their figures to the world – financial figures, crime figures, bus figures – anything and everything, for people to do what they want with. Some great projects like fixmystreet have […]

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Three reasons to use plain language

A lot of organisations are put off plain language because of the amount of effort it seems to require. The rounds of internal sign-off, the struggle against colleagues who aren’t aboard the plain language train need real perseverance. It’s easy to give out negative advice – you mustn’t do this, you mustn’t do that , I’ve written […]

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Plain language prescriptions

Brilliant news today that researchers from the University of Leeds have come up with a new set of instructions for prescription medicines, and a great lesson on how language moves on, too. 50 years ago ‘drowsy’ could well have been a common way of saying you feel sleepy, but who uses it now? It also says something about changing attitudes – ‘do […]

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Protecting shoppers online

The Office of Fair Trading is consulting on how to protect shoppers online – so we all spend more, of course! But while they’re there this could be a great opportunity for everyone from shoppers to security experts to have their say. This summarises the main issues. Doing well so far Now, we’re already pretty good at buying things online. Lots […]

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