Who has the best chance of understanding infographics?

This was the question my dissertation ended up answering. It wasn’t necessarily the question I started with, but hey, that’s science. Or something like it. The answer is (depending on the type of infographic): A man of above average numeracy with a doctoral-level degree between 45 and 54 years old. Apart from this singularly unhelpful caricature, this is what […]

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NHS England

I was commissioned (see what I did there?!) to do two infographics for the launch of the ‘new’ NHS, one on NHS Commissioning and one on how the NHS is monitored or safeguarded. While I’m not sure whether they were used, and regardless of my political feelings on the matter, understanding the changes is going to […]

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Oscars special: top films visualised

In what is becoming something of a trend, my entry for this month’s Information is Beautiful Awards did not make the shortlist (Matthew Lucas’ design is absolutely stunning). I will have to re-evaluate my non-use of Myriad Pro condensed. One day I might make it! But as the Oscars are swiftly approaching and this visualisation is all about the […]

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Infographics: the outer limits?

Infographics can be beautiful, informative, fascinating, genuinely entertaining and educational. On a personal level, I’m a big fan. My own overwhelming need to understand things to the best of my ability has been nicely enhanced by this recent trend. Infographics come in a few flavours (chocolate, strawberry and banana). There are straight-up graph types, area types, and in […]

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Food for thought

The British Heart Foundation runs a yearly campaign to get children and people who look after children to think about and understand what they’re eating and how to make the conscious choice to be healthier. We ran a survey to find out more about how and what children in the UK eat and drink. One of the […]

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