A guide to Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

The char­ity Cerebra asked for a way of explain­ing what you might get by claim­ing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for parents and carers of chil­dren (under 16) with disab­il­it­ies. This is what I produced for them:

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One thought on “A guide to Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

  1. 1) The two-tone back­ground is unhelp­ful: it makes it look as though everything in the dark purple segment counts as “care” while everything in the light purple segment counts as “mobil­ity” — but then the actual info panels don’t line up with that.

    2) It’s not clear what the amounts relate to and whether they’re addit­ive. Daily / weekly / monthly? Does a child eligible with a terminal illness he £73.60, or £73.60 + £49.30 + £19.55? The bar chart suggests the former, but it’s not clear enough in my view. 

    I would clarify each section with “£73.60 / wk (Higher Rate) ” , “£49.30 / wk (Middle Rate)”, and so on.

    3) The 3‑month, 3‑year and 5‑year time limits aren’t nearly clear enough, espe­cially on the left where the 5+ is right next to the relev­ant info, while the 3+ is seem­ingly applied to the entire section (which is incor­rect). Also, there is a major differ­ence you’ve simply omit­ted: the mobil­ity part is based on the child’s age, while the care part is based on how long they’ve been in need of care. That’s only the same thing if it’s an inborn condition!

    For care, I would put “All rates claim­able for care last­ing 3+ months”,
    For mobil­ity, “Higher rate claim­able from age 3, lower rate from age 5”

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