Maslow’s Iceberg of Needs

I decided Maslow’s pyramidal hierarchy of needs needed an update. Pyramids are just too… safe. Solid. Architectural. Like people can just decide to move up a level, and if they tried really hard and climbed a few steps, they could. I reckon an iceberg is a better metaphor for the human condition. Slippery, unforgiving, and for the most part, […]

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An app for Ebola?

All the way back in September 2014, shortly after the nail-biting nervousness of getting into the final of the Hack4Good Global Climate Challenge, I got a tentative email from Dan Cunningham, organiser extraordinaire of Hack4Good, about whether I’d like to be involved in a little project he was helping put together. Six or seven of our rag-tag group of […]

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Designing a fashion website

To say that fashion websites are a bit out of my comfort zone is a definite understatement. For all that I’ve occasionally been accused of being stylish (rarely, I might add, and mostly in the overcoat department), understanding the fashion audience is a difficult intuitive leap for someone whose usual choices revolve around two questions: a) will it fit […]

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#hack4good London

I had a great time this weekend at hack4good London. Ended up working on a project for International Medical Corps UK, who needed a system developing that would help those affected by disasters and conflict report problems on the ground. As people affected by disasters could have limited access to technology – even basic stuff like something to write with – I really got to […]

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NHS England

I was commissioned (see what I did there?!) to do two infographics for the launch of the ‘new’ NHS, one on NHS Commissioning and one on how the NHS is monitored or safeguarded. While I’m not sure whether they were used, and regardless of my political feelings on the matter, understanding the changes is going to […]

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Tell me the (relative) truth

Ever wondered why in newspaper articles about science breakthroughs, and particularly in medical stories, scientists seem to be so… well…. cagey about their results? All those ‘may’s and ‘if’s! Can’t they even tell us what’s true and what’s not? We’re used to the idea that most of the time, truth is black and white. But […]

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