Infographic: the history of the British government

You know how you can some­times get lost in Wikipedia? Well, all I really wanted to do was satisfy my curi­os­ity about who on earth the Whigs were, and it really just snow­balled from there.

I present for your delect­a­tion the no doubt Slightly Inaccurate and Inclined Toward Hyperbole history of the British Government. Witness the inter­change­ab­il­ity of early party loyal­ties, the bitter schisms, the fist-fights, the gradual drift to the centre, then the surprise left hook as Labour comes out of nearly nowhere.

Exciting stuff!

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3 thoughts on “Infographic: the history of the British government

  1. That’s rather nice. I’d suggest that between 1997 and 2010, the LDs were prob­ably well to the left of Labour… and got knows what the last two years should show… but I guess that on the scale of this graphic that’s short-term detail. 

    Thank you :-)

  2. Aside from what Simon says, I think it’s miss­ing the key “liberal party tear­ing itself to bits” part of the 20th century, with the National Liberals being subsumed into the Conservatives (about 6 times in the early to mid 20thC-Nat Libs, Lib Nats, more Nat Libs, Coalitionists, Constitutionalists and others).

    @Simon, we’re still “to the left” depend­ing on what you measure/define as left wing, but liber­al­ism believes in comprom­ise, the Govt is to the right, but the party is to the left of the Govt.

  3. Sometimes it’s just a matter of know­ing the right names to look up :)
    Have added National Liberals, and the Wall Street Crash, as the latter was form­at­ive to the former!

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