Wayfinding: Harris Garden

This is the first in a series of posts about the projects I’ve been doing as part of my Masters in Information Design at the University of Reading. Information design is a diverse subject that takes in many discip­lines. One of those is wayfind­ing — the art and psycho­logy of lead­ing people in the right direc­tion, whether they […]

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Oscars special: top films visualised

In what is becom­ing some­thing of a trend, my entry for this month’s Information is Beautiful Awards did not make the short­l­ist (Matthew Lucas’ design is abso­lutely stun­ning). I will have to re-evaluate my non-use of Myriad Pro condensed. One day I might make it! But as the Oscars are swiftly approach­ing and this visu­al­isa­tion is all about the […]

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Designing an iPhone app

As part of the part-time Masters I’m doing in Information Design, we had to design an iPhone app. I’d already done a screen­shot idea for a London Bus app after Countdown the live bus track­ing system was launched, so I thought — hey, why not design a bus app? There’s loads out there just for track­ing buses, so I thought, what’s the […]

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Explaining the NHS

Lately, I’ve been work­ing on help­ing our Heart Voices team at the British Heart Foundation develop flow­charts to explain the current state of the NHS, and the changes we’re expect­ing under the new legis­la­tion. We’ve also outlined the health services in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We want to encour­age heart patients all over the UK […]

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Food for thought

The British Heart Foundation runs a yearly campaign to get chil­dren and people who look after chil­dren to think about and under­stand what they’re eating and how to make the conscious choice to be health­ier. We ran a survey to find out more about how and what chil­dren in the UK eat and drink. One of the […]

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Metal and oil

Information is Beautiful is running a set of chal­lenges and awards for visu­al­isa­tion. Since I wasn’t short­l­is­ted, I can show you my entry in their first chal­lenge, which was to visu­al­ise how the world’s resources are rapidly running out. Being an optim­istic sort of person, I went with the worst case scen­ario, of course! See how the world’s resources might be […]

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Heart failure

Working as I do for the British Heart Foundation, every now and then I get a chance to do some infograph­ics for them. This one is for the aston­ish­ing amount of people living with heart fail­ure, versus our success in stop­ping people dying from a heart attack, and I did it as part of our Mending Broken Hearts campaign (the […]

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