Oscars special: top films visualised

In what is becom­ing some­thing of a trend, my entry for this month’s Information is Beautiful Awards did not make the short­l­ist (Matthew Lucas’ design is abso­lutely stun­ning). I will have to re-evaluate my non-use of Myriad Pro condensed. One day I might make it! But as the Oscars are swiftly approach­ing and this visu­al­isa­tion is all about the silver screen, I thought you might want to see it anyway.

The chal­lenge was a little out of my comfort zone — I much prefer illus­trat­ing social concerns, things which make a differ­ence to our under­stand­ing of the world. We were given a massive spread­sheet of holly­wood industry data — profits, losses, genres, etc and asked to tell a visual story. This was mine. Tell me what you think.

Top Hollywood films of the last 5 years
Top films of the last 5 years by rating and profitability

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