One of the impressions I get about the United States as an outside observer is that there’s an awful lot of cultural appropriation going on. People seem to like to be from somewhere else, originally, and to be very proud of that heritage. Not being American, or ever having visited America, I can’t lay any claim to the truth of that. But this data visualisation of self-described origin in the USA is absolutely fascinating.

Soda bread vs. pizza?

For example, one of the most overwhelming impressions I get, albeit almost entirely from films and television and mostly gangster movies at that, is that Irish and Italian heritage are particularly common in the USA. Am I right? No. But see for yourself:

Irish and Italian origin in the USA - from

Does this visualisation bear out any of your preconceptions about American heritage?

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2 thoughts on “Stereotypes

  1. The Norwegians bunched together mostly in the Mid-West, so yes… and in southern California and, for some reason, southern Arizona. Checking a bit more it seems that _everyone_ has gone to southern California and Arizona in large numbers. What's in southern Arizona? Cotton, citrus and cattle, according to Wikipedia?
    Also, tried for quite a while to find those two counties where there were no English. 

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