Working together to protect crowded places: part 2

The second half of this consultation is a little something for building planners, designers and local authorities. It’s supposed to be a handy guide suggesting how to build security into public places, but at nearly 80 pages, “handy” doesn’t quite cut it. This one is a little less complicated, at 7 neat pages. Download it here if you prefer not to use the version below!

Coming soon (hopefully tomorrow) – a new voting poll! In the meantime, you can sign up to get new consultations by email! And don’t forget, I do requests, so email me or send me a message on Twitter (@understood) and I can get right to it.

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Corinne Pritchard

Corinne Pritchard

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I believe design and designers can and should make the world a better place. I love designing things that help people understand complex ideas.
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