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The options are up for the next trans­la­tion. They are:

  1. 21st Century Schools
    A large and compre­hens­ive (no pun inten­ded!) look at where the UK’s educa­tion system is going.
  2. Mayors and Indirectly Elected Leaders
    A consulta­tion on making it easier to peti­tion your coun­cils on how you want the top jobs decided.
  3. National Flood Emergency Framework
    Extremely detailed consulta­tion on how the coun­try should react to flood emer­gen­cies (as it says on the tin!)

Vote on the website poll, or leave me a comment.

Also, I know I said I’d do the Department of Work and Pensions paper on loans, but it turns out the consulta­tion ended just before Christmas! It was a very short one, too, less than a month. I do take issue with short consulta­tions, the recom­men­ded minimum is 12 weeks.

Let me know if you like the new site design!

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