21st Century Schools: a world class education for every child

Thank you to every­one who voted in the last poll. This was the clear winner, the govern­ment’s pre-white-paper-paper on the future of the British School System.

It was tricky to do, because this isn’t the kind of paper that has any prac­tical solu­tions for schools — that’s due to land soon. Instead it’s all about the Government’s vision for the school system. But the earlier you can influ­ence these things, the better, I say, so if you see anything that does­n’t seem quite right, or there are glar­ing gaps, feel free to let the Department for Children, Schools and Families know.

If you spot any errors, it may well be my fault, as I’ve said before these are Totally Unofficial trans­la­tions, so I’m happy to correct any you notice, or point you to the line in the real paper that says what I’ve translated!

Read it here:
21st Century Schools

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