New translation on animal welfare

It’s far too late, and despite my best efforts it’s still terribly wordy, but here it is, and you have two and a half days (until the 3 July 2009) to reply to it. I understand it’s a controversial subject, so no ranting please, unless it’s constructive and sent directly to the consultation email address!

You can download the PDF here if you prefer not to use the version below.

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Corinne Pritchard

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4 thoughts on “New translation on animal welfare

  1. Heya!I had a look through and I actually understood most of it (good praise there!)I did spoke one thing though – in the "What we agree on" section, bullet 5 says "…-animal welfare should not be effected."Should this read "affected"?

  2. corinneanother impressive translation one minor inconsistency caught my eye: mostly "UK government" is 3rd person singular, as in "UK government thinks/agrees/wants". Then you have it/them in the plural, as in "UK governmentare happy".what happens to your translations? I trust that they get used. 

  3. Awesome sauce. Very clear. I was able to read and actually form opinions on what is going on, thank you. 

  4. Oh my word… I skim-read the original – *far* too wordy unless you're trying to impress other people with yourself.This is a good translation! 

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