New translation on animal welfare

It’s far too late, and despite my best efforts it’s still terribly wordy, but here it is, and you have two and a half days (until the 3 July 2009) to reply to it. I under­stand it’s a contro­ver­sial subject, so no rant­ing please, unless it’s construct­ive and sent directly to the consulta­tion email address!

You can down­load the PDF here if you prefer not to use the version below.

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4 thoughts on “New translation on animal welfare

  1. Heya!I had a look through and I actu­ally under­stood most of it (good praise there!)I did spoke one thing though — in the “What we agree on” section, bullet 5 says “…-animal welfare should not be effected.“Should this read “affected”?

  2. corin­nean­other impress­ive trans­la­tion one minor incon­sist­ency caught my eye: mostly “UK govern­ment” is 3rd person singu­lar, as in “UK govern­ment thinks/agrees/wants”. Then you have it/them in the plural, as in “UK govern­ment­are happy”.what happens to your trans­la­tions? I trust that they get used. 

  3. Awesome sauce. Very clear. I was able to read and actu­ally form opin­ions on what is going on, thank you. 

  4. Oh my word… I skim-read the original — *far* too wordy unless you’re trying to impress other people with yourself.This is a good translation! 

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