The Future is here!

Good evening!

Take one exceedingly long (58 pages), and exceedingly dull (I do wish I understood the kick you guys seem to get at the thought of buses and trains and the M42!), simmer and reduce since… early this morning, add a bit of spice and colour, and voilà, here’s the UK transport plan for the next 7 years, in beautiful, short 15 page technicolour.

UK Transport Plan

Enjoy, my dears. A new poll for the Voting of the Next Victim will be up shortly!

I am quite proud of my little graphic here ->

You might not realise, but it’s actually a quite accurate visual representation of the comparative pollution breakdown for most vehicles in the UK. I didn’t bother with ships and local air traffic, because they’re not something most people bother about (I think!)

Blahblah, totally unofficial, if you are unsure about anything please ask me or check the original consultation.

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One thought on “The Future is here!

  1. Depends on what you mean by "local air traffic" – I know plenty of people who fly from London to Newcastle or Glasgow because it's both faster (just) and cheaper (considerably).On ships you're right in within-the-UK-terms; ferries are relevant as a lower-pollution alternative to flying for international travel – but I assume the strategy is not interested in international stuff.Thanks again, I shall definitely read when time permits :-) 

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