What should I translate next?

I’ve updated the poll, so get voting! This week’s options are: 

  • Measuring the UK’s carbon footprint (Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs)
  • Ecotowns (Communities and Local Government)
  • Adult entertainment vacancies at Jobcentres

I’m going to Safeguarding Adults – a review of “No Secrets” next, as I like the idea of the consultation and have to have to do something more fun than transport occassionally, or I’ll go doolally!

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2 thoughts on “What should I translate next?

  1. The last, adult entertainment at Job Centres. I get the feeling this is all tied in with the lap-dancing clubs-classed-as-cafes furore and that *does* affect me since I live in a town with at least one lap dancing club. I no can ticky the boxes, so I am voting by comment.If you ever do the anti-terrorism legislation… 

  2. I'm working my way up to whole acts, so I'll keep that one in mind!The adult entertainment one is actually a bit weird, it's about whether the job centres are providing adequate protection for employees, employers and themselves next to all the various anti-discrimination laws we have. Oddness! 

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