The Alternative Vote

The new govern­ment has prom­ised a refer­en­dum on the Alternative Vote (AV) — they want to ask us directly whether we want to stick with the system we’ve got, or change it to the Alternative Vote system. But what is this new system? If you want to know, or have family or friends who might be […]

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Thinking positive

This website is here to prove to Government (and anyone else who uses language in an over complic­ated way, all the while claim­ing they want feed­back from members of the public) that speak­ing plainly, even about tricky subjects, isn’t just possible, but abso­lutely neces­sary. I hope this website also helps prove that you don’t have […]

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Your credit card is changing

If you want some­thing to change in govern­ment, reply­ing to consulta­tions is one of the best ways to do it. But consulta­tions aren’t the end of the line. When everything’s over and the dust has settled, the govern­ment has to come up with a response docu­ment. Usually this tells you what feed­back they’ve had from you, […]

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Short shorts: Alcohol labelling

This is the first in a new series. Consultations in 200 words or less! This is the options for improv­ing inform­a­tion on the labels of alco­holic drinks to support consumers to make health­ier choices in the UK from the Department of Health. Get your ideas, thoughts and evid­ence in for 9 May 2010, email You’re not supposed to […]

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