Vote for a new translation – this week ticket touting, vegetable sizes and selling houses

Please vote on what you would like me to translate next.

There aren’t many exciting consultations around at the moment, so if you’ve come across anything else you’re having trouble interpreting, please let me know and I will attempt it!

I’m hoping for an answer from the Job Centre on the new disability benefit this week, so look out for an update on that.

Without further ado, here are this week’s options: 

  • Ticketing and ticket touting – likely to be the most popular option, but don’t let me stop you voting for anything else! Aimed at tackling the problems for consumers and legitimate ticket sellers posed by ticket touts.
  • Marketing standards in fresh fruit and vegetables – a look at the regulations for fruit and veg (but not bananas, so apologies to the straight banana crowd!) that Britain is allowed to be a bit more independent about.
  • Regulating sale and rent back – looking at how we should regulate people selling their homes at a reduced price in exchange for staying in the house as a tenant, paying rent.

Happy voting!

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One thought on “Vote for a new translation – this week ticket touting, vegetable sizes and selling houses

  1. The buy and then rent back property market is one of controversy. For those faced with losing their home due to mortgage arrears it can be a lifeline. However some homeowners are being "ripped-off" by companies with no ethics. The Council of Mortgage Lenders has been campaigning for the sector to be regulated and their wish will come true in July. 

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