Vote for a new translation — this week ticket touting, vegetable sizes and selling houses

Please vote on what you would like me to trans­late next.

There aren’t many excit­ing consulta­tions around at the moment, so if you’ve come across anything else you’re having trouble inter­pret­ing, please let me know and I will attempt it!

I’m hoping for an answer from the Job Centre on the new disab­il­ity bene­fit this week, so look out for an update on that.

Without further ado, here are this week’s options:

  • Ticketing and ticket tout­ing — likely to be the most popu­lar option, but don’t let me stop you voting for anything else! Aimed at tack­ling the prob­lems for consumers and legit­im­ate ticket sellers posed by ticket touts.
  • Marketing stand­ards in fresh fruit and veget­ables — a look at the regu­la­tions for fruit and veg (but not bana­nas, so apolo­gies to the straight banana crowd!) that Britain is allowed to be a bit more inde­pend­ent about.
  • Regulating sale and rent back — look­ing at how we should regu­late people selling their homes at a reduced price in exchange for stay­ing in the house as a tenant, paying rent.

Happy voting!

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One thought on “Vote for a new translation — this week ticket touting, vegetable sizes and selling houses

  1. The buy and then rent back prop­erty market is one of contro­versy. For those faced with losing their home due to mort­gage arrears it can be a life­line. However some homeown­ers are being “ripped-off” by compan­ies with no ethics. The Council of Mortgage Lenders has been campaign­ing for the sector to be regu­lated and their wish will come true in July. 

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