Common Assessment Framework for Adults: a translation

The Department of Health has started a consultation on how we’re going to work out what people need when they go into health or social care, such as a home for the elderly, assisted living programmes, long term illness, that sort of thing. If you are a carer, you work in social care, or you cared for by the health or social care services, it’s in your interests to read and reply to this consultation.

To start you off, I’d like you to read my unofficial translation! It’s eight pages long, so a lot less weighty to read, and hopefully contains information you can use to either reply to the consultation directly, or to help you understand the official line.

As always, if there’s anything you don’t get, or anything I’ve got wrong, let me know through comments or email. I understand some people have had problems with my using ScribD so if you do, download my Common Assessment Framework for Adults – a translation directly.

You might find my guide on how to have your say through consultations useful as well.

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One thought on “Common Assessment Framework for Adults: a translation

  1. Nice and concise – thank you :)I think my main concern with this, as everything, is the security of all this important data floating around. The system has provisos for ensuring that only the right care agencies see the data, but the larger it gets, the greater the risk of it being the target of attacks. 

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