Shaping the future of care together

Several friends have asked me to translate this paper. It’s been covered in the Guardian and other papers with quite a bit of controversy, so I was quite reluctant to do a proper paper. 

Given it’s sensitivity for a lot of people living on disability benefits at the moment, I want you all to be extra careful when you read this, and if you can bear to wade through the original document I strongly encourage it.

You can download the Simply Understand translation of Shaping the future of care together, or read it below:

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Corinne Pritchard

Corinne Pritchard

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I believe design and designers can and should make the world a better place. I love designing things that help people understand complex ideas.
Corinne Pritchard

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2 thoughts on “Shaping the future of care together

  1. Hi,As a site comment, I really wish you wouldn't use Scribd. Because too much of the flashes spewed in my direction are annoying ads, I use Flashblock, which means that your carefully crafted translation looks like a blocked ad. It actually took me a while to realise that that was where the goods were. The "Full screen" button doesn't work. You have a pretty wide margin inside the document itself, further reducing the section of the screen that actually contains useful information. If I were to make a site dedicated to simplicity, I'd avoid anything complicated. It should work with the most ancient of browsers, and there should be a print version with no fluff at all: h1 – h3, Italics, bold, tables, pictures (JPG or PNG as appropriate) and that's *it*.Just my opinion…Cheers,Flexor.

  2. Hiya,That's why it's currently available to download as a PDF as well, referenced before the flash element.I'm working with another site on incorporating Simply Understand advice into a proper, commentable consultation form but it won't be available for a while!Yours,Corinne

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