Home Office consultation on internet privacy

As a request, here’s a totally unof­fi­cial trans­la­tion of the Home Office consulta­tion on inter­net privacy, and the new laws they hope to put in place to help secur­ity and intel­li­gence services access inform­a­tion. Read below or down­load the PDF.

Thank you all for your votes on the latest poll, a record-beating 80 people have voted, and the winner is another Home Office consulta­tion, Protecting crowded places, which I’ll publish for you over the weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Home Office consultation on internet privacy

  1. Superb. Thanks. Why can’t the Home Office write this stuff them­selves? I suppose they might run the risk of people under­stand­ing it and actu­ally taking a view. Again thanks: this is import­ant work. 

  2. Can’t access the PDF as Scribd is blocked at work :-( I’ll have to grab it later from home. 

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