A new way to find out about government consultations

As well as a bit of revamp­ing (alright, maybe a lot, please tell me what you think!), today I’ve been work­ing on installing a “change monit­or­ing” service on as many cent­ral govern­ment websites as I could.

What does that mean? It means that you can now sign up here, and when one of the cent­ral depart­ments, for example DCMS or BERR, updates their consulta­tions list, you get it sent to you!

You can also sign up to get updates by email. Extra useful for keep­ing an eye on what those lot are up to!

Expect a new poll early next week.

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One thought on “A new way to find out about government consultations

  1. I would just like to express how pleased I am to find your service!!! It is so refresh­ing to find clear and access­ible inform­a­tion about import­ant issues! I will spread the word about this fant­astic service. Well done!Tom Gaskin 

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