We promise

Well, hello there! Long time no see. Yeah. Sorry about the year‐long hiatus, I had to get some stuff sorted out. Anyway, I’m now living in Lancaster in the UK’s frozen North (winter is coming), and I have a job as an actual designer! How excit­ing. I’ll update you on some of the projects I’ve been work­ing on […]

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#hack4good London

I had a great time this week­end at hack4good London. Ended up work­ing on a project for International Medical Corps UK, who needed a system devel­op­ing that would help those affected by disasters and conflict report prob­lems on the ground. As people affected by disasters could have limited access to tech­no­logy — even basic stuff like some­thing to write […]

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Who has the best chance of understanding infographics?

This was the ques­tion my disser­ta­tion ended up answer­ing. It wasn’t neces­sar­ily the ques­tion I star­ted with, but hey, that’s science. Or some­thing like it. The answer is (depend­ing on the type of infographic): A man of above aver­age numer­acy with a doctoral‐level degree between 45 and 54 years old. Apart from this singu­larly unhelp­ful cari­ca­ture, this is […]

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Getting transport right for young people

Here are two infograph­ics I did for a report into ‘Why getting trans­port right matters to young people’ by the Campaign for Better Transport. The first high­lights the discre­pen­cies in the number of local author­it­ies offer­ing cheaper bus fares to disad­vant­aged groups: people who are young and unem­ployed, compared with people who are disabled and older people. […]

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The No Smoking Day game

As the digital lead for No Smoking Day 2013, I got to commis­sion some­thing I have never commis­sioned before — an online game. No Smoking Day is a tricky prospect. It doesn’t have the free­dom of other no smoking campaigns to berate and bully smokers into becom­ing non‐smokers — quite the oppos­ite. The mandate of No Smoking Day […]

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NHS England

I was commis­sioned (see what I did there?!) to do two infograph­ics for the launch of the ‘new’ NHS, one on NHS Commissioning and one on how the NHS is monitored or safe­guarded. While I’m not sure whether they were used, and regard­less of my polit­ical feel­ings on the matter, under­stand­ing the changes is going to […]

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Event: Datakind London

Over the year I’ve been to three so‐called ‘hack days’, one of which me and my team acci­dent­ally won (Hack the Government). The last of which my team just as acci­dent­ally lost didn’t win (Girl Geek Hack Day). The one in between however was the most intriguing, perhaps because it wasn’t a compet­i­tion at all. Held in […]

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Tell me the (relative) truth

Ever wondered why in news­pa­per articles about science break­throughs, and partic­u­larly in medical stor­ies, scient­ists seem to be so… well.… cagey about their results? All those ‘may’s and ‘if’s! Can’t they even tell us what’s true and what’s not? We’re used to the idea that most of the time, truth is black and white. But […]

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